T-Mobile provides you with life insurance, including accidental death and dismemberment coverage, equal to 1.5 times your annual base salary and commissions up to $1M.

You can choose to buy additional life insurance for yourself, up to 8x your annual salary, at a discounted rate and pay for it directly from your paycheck. If you have dependents, you can also purchase supplementary or voluntary life insurance at a discounted rate.

See the table below for the additional coverage you can purchase during annual enrollment:

Type of coverage Coverage amount Details
Employee Voluntary Life Insurance Up to 8 times current salary, up to $2 million Employee-paid
Premiums based on employee’s age and salary
Evidence of insurability may be required
Spouse/Partner Voluntary Life Insurance From $10,000 to $250,000 Employee-paid
Premiums based on your spouse’s/partner’s age
Evidence of insurability is required for coverage exceeding $50,000
Children’s Voluntary Life Insurance $10,000 Employee-paid
No evidence of insurability is required

Voluntary Life Insurance Costs

The cost for voluntary life insurance for you or a spouse/domestic partner is based on age. The rates below are per $1,000 of coverage, per pay period. No need to do the math - the enrollment tool will calculate the cost for you!

Age of Person Being
Rate for Employee
Rate for Spouse/Domestic Partner
Under 25 $0.023 $0.042
25-29 $0.028 $0.040
30-34 $0.037 $0.045
35-39 $0.042 $0.061
40-44 $0.046 $0.086
45-49 $0.088 $0.134
50-54 $0.138 $0.214
55-59 $0.254 $0.246
60-64 $0.346 $0.545
65-69 $0.692 $0.840
70-74 $0.951 $1.385
75+ $0.951 $2.349

Example: Your spouse is 31 and you’re enrolling them for $10,000 of coverage. $10,000 in coverage divided $1,000 = 10. Multiply that by the rate for Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage at age 31 ($0.045). Cost per pay period is 10 x $0.045 = or $0.45/pay period.

The cost for voluntary life insurance for your dependent child is $0.72 per pay period, regardless of their age or number of children enrolled.


Make sure your loved ones are taken care of. Update your beneficiaries any time for all of your life insurance coverage(s) by logging into Your Benefits Resources.

Need help? Call the T-Mobile Benefits Center (855) TMO-BENS (855-866-2367) Hours: Monday – Friday 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time